Juneau needs vision for growth

Posted: Tuesday, March 28, 2000

I am a concerned citizen and a neighbor of the site where the Alaska Fur Gallery wants to build at 401 S. Franklin St. (The Planning Commission postponed its hearing, so there is still hope the project will be defeated.) I am a voice in this community, a perspective that needs to be heard; and I am very disturbed by the path being taken by the people who hold the positions of decision-making in our town.

To get straight to the point, I believe we need to focus on our vision of Juneau and shape it for the future. And I believe there is a distressing lack of vision that goes into the planning of our downtown core. We live here in God's majestic creation and we take and take and zone and build and take some more.

My question to you folks is when do we give back? When do we realize the bigger picture is all about creating a beautiful place to lead our lives? It's not about opening another store to feed the greed machine that has lived in the hearts of men coming to Alaska since the time of Gold Fever. It's about protecting our town, controlling and nurturing Juneau in a pioneering way so that we can handle the cruise ship industry but at the same time be a city of beauty, green spaces and happy people who love where they live.

Please. We need to grow in so many ways besides more gift shops. We need to come together and speak individually and as a community about our vision for Juneau, and fine-tune that vision to become a plan. A wise and definite plan where we put back into this beautiful place we live in. And we do not need this huge and dangerous Alaska Fur Gallery building trashing the beauty of our downtown. Planning Commission, please defeat it.

Kathleen Joy

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