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Posted: Tuesday, March 28, 2000


The plan concerning the permanent fund by Sen. Mackie provides us with an assurance that we'll get our share before the dividend is capped, scheduled for termination and the Legislature demolishes the fund. Don't be fooled into thinking that this can't happen in the very near future.

To the last supper guy, you must be nuts to live here for six months for $1,700 when you don't even like it here. Life is too short.

I am pleased that my children are starting to read the Empire as a source of information and knowledge. I was very disturbed to see the ad in yesterday's paper featuring an erotic photo of a naked woman getting a tattoo. It does not belong in the paper - it's disgusting.

I'd like to thank Tom Garrett for his recent marital advice. My marriage has improved already.

In order to save money and improve ferry service, only Haines or Skagway should be a port of call - not both. Existing year-round roads connect both communities.

In the interest of safety, they need to shut the road down that goes out to Thane and provide those folks with a reliable high-speed ferry.

A big thank you to the Fiddlehead and the chefs who put on a fabulous meal for the Kibbles and Chef benefit for the Gastineau Humane Society.

To the reckless, speeding senseless driver who nearly ran over my nephew and my dog as we walked along Mayflower Island causeway: What's so important at the top of Mayflower Island that you would risk the life of children to save a few seconds of your time? Please slow down in Douglas.

Why does Juneau have two MacDonalds but no Burger Kings or Wendy's?

I hope the courts and the Legislature are paying attention to the election as it comes up for Huna Totem Corp.

Huna Totem Corp. should begin to recognize that they cannot service only a select group of people.

I don't know who I have to thank but I would like to express my appreciation to the people responsible bringing back the Channel 2 news on Channel 37. I've missed the news from Anchorage. I think it is superior to any other news show offered in Juneau.

I've lived here for more than 20 years. I would like to compliment the groomers at Eaglecrest. This is the best work that I've seen them do - keep up the good work.

If you live in the valley and are missing a cat particularly near the Forest Service boundary - the likely culprits are our resident coyote population. I've seen coyotes on the Back Loop Road for years. Coyotes are very benevolent, they love cats and small dogs. One came up on our porch this winter after our cat.

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