Canadians take 14th Buckwheat in stride

Posted: Tuesday, March 28, 2000

SKAGWAY - Winner after winner from Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, strode to the stage of the Buckwheat Ski Classic awards banquet on Saturday night at the Eagles Hall in Skagway.

``This will be a recurring theme,'' race founder Buckwheat Donahue said wryly.

The race has been an annual happening since 1986, when lovelorn Skagway men invented the race to attract women to town. Racers numbered 223 this year, 94 of them women.

Yukoners apparently thrived in the blowing snow and sometimes sticky, sometimes smooth going on the trails at Log Cabin, British Columbia, a haven for skiers, mushers and snowmachiners up the Klondike Highway from Skagway.

Juneau skiers also proved resilient to the conditions.

Dan Fremgen of Auke Bay took first in the Men's 10K with a time of 0:45:06, two minutes ahead of Skagway's Larry Gullingsrud. Juneau's Doug Woodby took eighth.

Juneau's Gary Hayden of Juneau took ninth place in the Men's 10K. Gabe Hayden topped him in sixth place at 45 minutes, 50 seconds, while Jacilyn Hayden took second in the Kids' 4K for ages 11-12, with a time of 0:21:23.

In the women's 10K, Juneau's Mary Hausler crossed the finish fourth at 1:01:51.

``What color are you using,'' seemed to be the theme of the day, as contestants tried to figure out what wax would work on the different quality of snow in the open runs and on the sheltered woodland trails. It was crapshoot.

But that's what a Buckwheat's like - absolutely anything goes, and Mother Nature goes along with the program.

Serious racers do the course then return to one of the aide stations, the most popular being Tequilaville, run by Gary Hanson and Nola Cole of Skagway. Over the years, the station gave rise to a new kind of timing: Tequila Time.

That's where skiers miss the start, wander off and try to find out where they're going, while indulging in their favorite libation. Hey, this isn't the Olympics. This is fun - and exercise.

This year the Tequila Timers headed for the trail only to be called back by race officials because they were going the wrong way and on a collision course with the 50Kers.


Results from the Buckwheat Classic Ski Races held Saturday in Skagway.

Men's 50K

- Adam Verrier, Anchorage (ANC), 2:29:38; Stephen Wattereus, Whitehorse (WH), 2:33:11; Nathan Doering, WH, 2:48:51; Brian Horton, WH, 2:53:46; Marcus Wattereus, WH, 2:55:50; Glenn Iceton, WH, 2:58:28; Bart Watson, Juneau (JNU), 3:01:54; Bob Boorman, WH, 3:04:25; Adam Scheck, WH, 3:06:57; Ross Phillips, WH, 3:11:11; Karl Stellbrink, WH, 3:22:30; Ken Leghorn, JNU, 3:29:38; Jeff Morehouse, JNU, 3:29:28; Grant MacDonald, WH, 3:48:12; Chip Lende; Haines (HNS), 3:48:32; Skip Elliott, JNU, 4:08:06; Erik Olsen, JNU, 4:08:09, Andre Sireix, WH, 4:16:40; Roger Armstrong, WH, 4:22:15; Karl Strode-Penny, Wellington, B.C., no time, Michael McCann, WH, DNF.

Women's 50K

- Josee Boorman, WH, 3:09:09, Lois Johnston, WH, 3:09:09; Janet Arnitzen, WH, 3:14:33; Duchane Richard, WH, 3:30:41; Christine Todd, WH, 4:08:10; Deb Essex, ANC, 4:08:10; Elizabeth Doering, WH, DNF.

Men's 25K

- Thane Phillips, WH, 1:24:37; Peter Jepsen, Skagway (SKY), 1:33:17; Greg Fekete, WH, 1:33:47; Brendan Hanley, WH, 1:33:48; Bruce Todd, WH, 1:34:30; Chris Milner, WH, 1:36:19; Grant Abbott, WH, 1:37:41; Kirk Potter, WH, 1:40:04; Thom Ely, HNS, 1:42:06; JeanPaul Molgat, WH, 1:44:05; Gary Morgan, WH, 1:46:56; Tom Ullyett, WH, 1:51:09; Jim Healy, WH, 1:52:28; Mike Cozens, WH, 1:54:37; Mike Kramer, WH, 1:56:28; Louis Pelletier, WH, 1:57:00; Forest Pearson, WH, 2:00:30; Mark Scholten, JNU, 2:05:11; Lance Miller, JNU, 2:09:56; Michael Phillips, 2:10:50; Ian Boyce, WH, 2:13:11; Buck Bryant, JNU, 2:14:52; Mark Laker, JNU, 2:16:08; John Snider, WH, 2:16:23; Ron Veale, WH, 2:21:10; Paul Harris, WH, 2:28:04; Scott Henderson, WH, 2:37:15; Russel Bramford, WH, 2:46:32; Norm Holler; WH, 2:47:46; Peter Etherton, WH, 2:52:34; David Michayluk, WH, 2:54:08; Naresh Prasad, WH, 3:09:08; Toby Sanger, WH, 3:21:35, John Haas, JNU, 3:24:46; Stepf Thomas, JNU, No Time (NT), Stephen McPhetres, JNU, NT; Mark Champagne, WH, Disqualified (DSQ), Chris Almstrom, WH, DSQ.

Women's 25K

- Robyn Findlater, WH, 1:43:19; Sherri Cooper, WH, 1:52:05; Marilyn Aston, WH, 1:52:27; Sue Bogle, WH, 1:54:38; Mary Holozubiec, SKY, 1:56:59; Christine Marchand, WH, 1:58:09; Kate Moylan, WH, 2:01:14; Kelly Hayes, WH, 2:07:10; Linda Campbell, 2:08:06; Alexa McClarren, WH, 2:08:15; Marion Geary, WH, 2:11:28; Anne Landry, WH, 2:12:06; Nancy Hughes, WH, 2:13:10; Lisa Cassidy, SKY, 2:14:11; Laurie Thorpe, JNU, 2:14:52; Cindy Freedman, WH, 2:16:52; Mia Lee, WH, 2:21:20; Georgi MacStephen, WH, 2:23:13; Nesta Leduc, WH, 2:24:46; Christine Benedek, WH, 2:25:32; Yvonne Harris, WH, 2:25:38; Christie Leer, JNU, 2:27:21; Catherine Pohl, JNU, 2:32:07; Debbie Gohl, WH, 2:36:16; Carol Arntzen, WH, 2:45:00; Mary Anne Park, JNU, 2:47:06; Colleen Cannon, WH, 2:48:20; Sharon Fisher, JNU, 2:49:23; Maguy Sireix, WH, 2:52:41; Ann Mackenzie, WH, 2:54:01; Sylvie Hamel, WH, 2:54:45; Barbara Phillips, 3:00:59; Catherine Bouchard, WH, 3:04:44; Maureen McCulloch, WH, 3:05:48; L. Prentice, WH, 3:19:37; Leslie Navermaas, WH, 3:19:53; Narissa Somji, WH, 3:21:13; Nancy Thomas, JNU, NT; Jan McPhetres, JNU, NT; Judy Hartling, WH, Did Not Finish (DNF); Tracy Ganske, WH, DNF; Frances Polumsky, JNU, DNF; Peggy Loughrey, DSQ.

Men's 10K

- Dan Fremgen, Auke Bay, 0:45:06; Larry Gullingsrud, SKY, 0:47:27; Jessie Devost, WH, 0:54:19; Mark Saldi, SKY; 0:57:21; Kevin Lucas, HNS, 0:57:41; Gabe Hayden, JNU, 0:58:04; Andrew Tronrud, SKY, 0:59:44; Doug Woodby, JNU, 0:59:54; Gary Hayden, JNU, 1:03:55; Tom Fairman, WH, 1:06:12; Bryan Alp, WH, 1:18:39; Ted VanBronkhorst, SKY, 1:32:39; Ken Mulloy, WH, 1:38:57; Jeff Mull, SKY, 1:43:18; Marcel Jolley, SKY, 1:49:40; Mark Nadeau, SKY, 2:04:22; Kip Wheeler, SKY, Tequila Time (TT); Craig Jennison, SKY, TT; Jeremy Simmons, SKY, NT; Bob Ward, SKY, NT; Paul Korsmo, SKY, NT; Ken Brown, JNU, NT; Scott Logan, SKY, TT; Chas Dense, JNU, NT; Tom Bauer, Pelican, NT; Craig Lawson, SKY, NT; Robert Powell, SKY, TT; Jim Thomas, JNU, DNF; Bruce Weber, SKY, DNF.

Women's 10K

- Lise Farynoski, WH, 0:52:07; Jane Pike, Vancouver, 0:55:10; Jennifer Kuntz, WH, 1:01:46; Mary Hasler, JNU, 1:01:51; Sherry Corrington, SKY; 1:02:22; Bona Cameron-Lambert, WH, 1:03:34; Cynde Adams, SKY, 1:04:28; Tanya Astika, WH, 1:04:32; Nan Saldi, SKY, 1:06:21; Diane McKay, WH, 1:08:39; Caroline Morehouse, JNU, 1:10:36; Theresa Luerra, JNU, 1:10:37; Cara Cosgrove, SKY, 1:15:28; Christine Cleghorn, WH, 1:15:45; Britt Watters, JNU, 1:16:44; Elaine Seier, WH, 1:16:51; Mary Beaton, WH, 1:19:26; Sue Warner, JNU, 1:21:03; Martha Moore, JNU, 1:30:47; Cathy Deacon, WH, 1:35:02; Wendy Anderson, SKY, 1:51:36; Joanne Korsmo, SKY, 1:52:30; Cathy Hostetler, SKY, 1:52:48; Daisy Davenport, JNU, 1:55:08; Cindi Lagoudakis, JNU, 2:00:39; Kathy Walker, WH, 2:00:44; Lynn Brown, WH, 2:00:47; Katie Thomas, JNU, 2:04:40; Lorraine Thomas, JNU, 2:06:14; Emily Roberts, SKY, 2:08:04; Sally Ryan, JNU, 3:26:27; Wendy Nixon, WH, NT; Jana Linfield, JNU, NT; Carol Ackerson, JNU, NT; Terese Connelly, SKY, TT; Cristi Herren, JNU, NT; Julene Fairbanks, SKY, NT; Karen Kitely, Pinon Hills, Calif., TT; Mary Nolan, Tabuco Canyon, Calif., TT; Jan Slipetz, WH, NT; Trish Pitzel, WH, NT; Sherri Brown, JNU, DNS; Nancy Furniss, WH, DSQ; Beth Potter, JNU, DSQ.

Kids 11-12, 4K

- Emma Ullyett, WH, 0:20:24; Jacilyn Hayden, JNU, 0:21:23; Leah Moore, SKY, 0:25:54; Tyler Forester, SKY, 0:48:01; Lars Hartling, WH, DNS; Will Egolf, HNS, DNF.

Kids 10 and under, 4K

- Michael Abbott, WH, 0:19:58; Lowell Johnstone, WH, 0:19:59; Colin Abbott, WH, 0:20:21; Patrick Bell, WH, 0:21:31; Logan Potter, WH, 0:21:42; Noria Deacon, WH, 0:22:37; Dylan Cole, WH, 0:22:50; Fraser Gray, WH, 0:22:50; Coralie Ullyet, WH, 0:23:00, Christina Kuntz, WH, 0:23:17; Shaun Porter, WH, 0:24:07; Christine Lende, HNS, 0:25:46; Nicole Stanhope, WH, 0:26:23; Logan Miller, JNU, 0:29:32; Emma Herbig, SKY, 0:29:50; Robin Woodby, JNU, 0:29:54; Joanna Lende, HNS, 0:30:42; Morgan Thomas, JNU, 0:32:43; Shelby Surdyk, SKY, 0:37:56; Quinn Weber, SKY, 0:38:43; Cody Burnham, SKY, 0:45:16; Christopher Burnham, SKY, 0:45:28; Tess Korsmo, SKY, 0:48:37; Kayla Henrickson, SKY, 0:48:45; Yasha Saldi, SKY, 2:06:15; Ryan Forester, SKY, NT: Kaitlyn Surdyk, SKY, NT; Alexander Johnston, WH, NT; Hunter Brown, JNU, DNF; Masha Saldi, SKY, DNF; Krikit Bounds, SKY, DNF.

Snowshoeing 5K

- Donna Jones, WH, 0:40:09; Ken Graham, SKY, 0:44:47; Glory Jepsen, SKY, 0:51:12; Bill Sell, SKY, 1:17:52.

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