Emotional attack

Posted: Friday, March 28, 2003

I am a mother to a soldier serving in the military for his country. While he may not be among the ones in Iraq yet, I have to say reading the letter, "Supporting our troops like supporting LAPD," (Empire, March 26) really upset me and his sister. This letter is not just a direct attack verbally on our troops no matter where they serve our country at this moment, but an attack emotionally on the families they left behind.

You have the right to your opinion and the freedom to express it, but how many have died so you can stand up and speak? You have the right protest, the right to say no. Again I ask, "how many died to make sure that right is yours and never taken away?"

Again I say you have the right to do all of this but do you have the guts to say this to the family of a POW who cries and prays and worries about their own? Do you have the guts to walk up to the parents and family of a soldier who gave his life so you can speak without thought and say this to their face? I think not, and that is what makes us different from Saddam, who will shoot our men and women and torture them without thought.

Say what you will. You have that right to shame yourself to no end as well as to show publicly your ignorance of everything. Maybe you better use that energy by researching what you're spouting off about before you leap.

Crissy Smith


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