Beating Rodney King

Posted: Friday, March 28, 2003

I do not understand people who label this war "illegal." If it is in reference to the fact that we did not choose to put the matter to a final vote with the U.N., we would do well to remember U.N. resolutions 678, 687 and more recently, 1441. Also, I am greatly concerned that so many seem to be all too willing to put our nation's sovereignty at the mercy of the U.N. I am so thankful for a president who remembers what it is to be American and not a puppet of popular opinion.

Hussein and his regime are the epitome of pure evil. If Rodney King was in the habit of raping women in front of their families in order to discipline and humiliate their husbands, torturing children to discipline parents, slowly dipping people in acid or putting them feet first through a plastic shredder as punishment for looking at him cross-eyed, imprisoning, raping and torturing 16-year-old girls for writing a single sentence in a school notebook questioning his leadership, starving to death nursing infants just feet out of reach of their imprisoned mothers before beating and shooting the bereaved parents, gassing hundreds of thousands on racial basis, providing terrorist training in a 727 fuselage to al-Qaeda murderers for the Twin Towers attack, having murals celebrating the event on elementary school walls, using infants and children as human shields to protect "brave" soldiers, as well as yet to be told numbers of other crimes against humanity, his beating would have been justly deserved as an appetizer to further punishment.

I do not blame LAPD police for signing up to defend their city. Neither do I disapprove of U.S. servicemen signing up to defend their homeland (on the contrary!). I am afraid Pat McGonegal's analogy was misconstrued. Our military is not representative of police officers abusing their position, rather it is Saddam Hussein who is terrorizing those he is supposed to defend, and our military is stepping in to rescue the innocent and prevent future assaults elsewhere - the U.S., for instance.

May God bless and go before our troops!

Sheri Jacobsen


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