Thank you

Posted: Friday, March 28, 2003

...for the quality skating program.

Over the past several weeks it has been my pleasure to work with a number of talented and dedicated people to bring organized ice-skating lessons to the Juneau community in the new Treadwell Arena. A number of Juneau Empire features have brought attention to various aspects of the skating activities under way. I would like to thank and mention some people here who have made this happen.

The Juneau Douglas Ice Association (JDIA) is the primary force behind putting these lessons on the ice. A number of people in JDIA have worked long hours to make it happen. In particular I would like to thank Ken and Jeanette Collison for dealing with volumes of paperwork and making registration and scheduling smooth. I would also like to specifically mention a group of fine instructors: Debbie Jones, Beth Dorn, Barbra Holian, Pam Finley, Steve Foster, Brendan Sullivan, Michele Ridgeway, Elena Delmoral, Kim Mix, Sue Ainsworth, Andrew Ainsworth, Beth Seitz and Tim Hull. Through their dedication, talent, and time we are implementing a quality, nationwide ice-skating instruction program on our ice in Juneau. Our community and our children are well served by their efforts.

Randy Rice


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