Arrest warrant issued for re-indicted man

Police officer says accused has moved to unknown location in Anchorage

Posted: Sunday, March 28, 2004

A man once again charged with multiple sex crimes against two preteen girls is scheduled to stand trial in May, although he couldn't be found for his court date Thursday.

Nelson B. Deschene, 35, faces 12 counts alleging sexual abuse of a minor - six in the first degree and six in the second degree. Juneau Superior Court Judge Larry Weeks issued a warrant Thursday for his arrest.

The police officer attempting to issue Deschene a summons reported to the judge that the defendant "had moved to an unknown location in Anchorage," according to court records.

Deschene has consistently denied his guilt, David Seid, his attorney, wrote in previous arguments before Juneau Superior Court Judge Patricia Collins.

In July 2003, a grand jury indicted Deschene on 20 counts of sexual abuse of a minor - 10 in the first degree and 10 in the second degree. The indictment alleged there were two victims.

The older was 13 when she testified last summer before the grand jury to alleged acts of second-degree sexual abuse. The younger alleged victim was 9.

Collins dismissed that original indictment on Feb. 24. The $500 Deschene had posted for bail was returned.

Seid had argued that the Juneau police officer who testified before the grand jury misrepresented Deschene's statements during a March 3, 2003, interrogation. The statements, Seid wrote, were made in the context of officers questioning the results of an inadmissible polygraph test.

District Attorney Patrick Gullufsen argued that nothing was said to Deschene during the interview that falsely represented direct evidence that had been obtained in the case.

In dismissing the indictment, Collins said she would keep the May 3 date on the calendar because of the possibility of a second grand jury indictment alleging the same crimes.

Within three weeks, a different grand jury issued a 12-count indictment, alleging crimes previously dismissed. Court records show the police officer who offered the contested testimony was not examined by the second grand jury.

Deschene was scheduled to make his first appearance on the second indictment Thursday. Instead, Weeks issued an arrest warrant that would require the defendant to post $10,000 bond for his pretrial release.

According to Seid's summation of the case, the two alleged victims accused Deschene after they had moved from Juneau to Fairbanks in February 2003 and were removed from their mother's home by state social service officials.

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