Southeast Shootout

Middle school hoops tourney wraps up with six title games

Posted: Monday, March 28, 2005

Boosted by a key steal by Karli Brakes in the final minute, the Juneau HoopTime 6 Black girls team edged Juneau HoopTime 7 Red 25-24 on Friday to win the Girls B Bracket title at the Southeast Shootout middle school basketball tournament.

Brakes was named the bracket's Most Valuable Player for her efforts during the tournament, while HoopTime 7 Red's Annette Highley won best defender honors. The two teams played three times during the tournament, with HoopTime 6 Black winning two. Each of the three matchups was decided by a single point.

The Girls B Bracket final was one of six championship games on Friday, capping five days of competition at the Southeast Shootout. The tournament drew 31 middle school teams from across the region for games at Floyd Dryden Middle School and Riverbend Elementary School.

The tournament was sponsored by Juneau's HoopTime Basketball, a non-profit, AAU-affiliated organization with more than 150 Juneau youths participating. For more information about HoopTime and the Southeast Shootout, look on the Web at

In Friday's other Southeast Shootout bracket finals :

• Boys B Bracket: Sitka Tribe I beat Juneau HoopTime 6 Black 43-31 to claim the bracket title. Sitka defeated HoopTime 6 Black to open the tournament, but Juneau won three times in the losers' bracket to reach the championship game. Sitka Tribe I's David Reynolds was named the bracket MVP, and teammate Luke Clayton was named best defender.

• Girls A Bracket: Juneau HoopTime 8 Black beat Juneau HoopTime 7 Black 32-20 in the bracket final, avenging a 24-19 loss to the same squad in the semifinals. After its semifinal loss, HoopTime 8 Black rallied in the losers' bracket for a 29-26 win over Sitka Tribe A to reach the title game. HoopTime 8 Black's Kristie Ely won MVP honors, while Sitka Tribe A's Leisha Trani was named the bracket's best defender.

• Boys A Bracket: Red Storm, a combined team from Wrangell and Petersburg, defeated previously unbeaten Juneau HoopTime 8 Black 46-41 to claim the bracket title. Red Storm advanced out of the losers' bracket, and reached the title game with a 59-56 win over Kryptonite of Haines in the semifinals. Ryan Howell of Red Storm won bracket MVP honors, while teammate Erik Gile was named best defender.

• Girls C Bracket: Juneau HoopTime 6 White completed a undefeated run through the tournament with a 31-21 win over Juneau HoopTime 6 Red in the championship game. HoopTime 6 White's Janel Saceda won the best defender award, while HoopTime 6 Red's Megan Mauseth was named the bracket's MVP.

• Boys C Bracket: Juneau HoopTime 5 Black beat Hoonah C 34-20 in the championship game to win the bracket title. It was Juneau's second win over Hoonah, which beat Sitka Tribe C to reach the title game. HoopTime 5 Black's Lance Ibesate won the bracket MVP award, while Hoonah C's Greg Wright was named best defender.

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Results and awards from the 2005 Southeast Shootout middle school basketball tournament, held Monday through Friday and sponsored by Juneau HoopTime. Games were held at Floyd Dryden Middle School and Riverbend Elementary School.

Distinguished Service Award: Brent Wilson, presented in recognition of his leadership and countless hours of service as Juneau HoopTime president.

Oliver's Trophies Spirit Of The Game Award: Jordan Jeans, Juneau HoopTime (HT) 6 Red, awarded to recognize a player that works hard and displays good sportsmanship.


Girls A Bracket

Championship game: Juneau HT8 Black 32, Juneau HT7 Black 20

Team sportsmanship award: Juneau HT7 Black

MVP: Kristie Ely, Juneau HT8 Black

Best defender: Leisha Trani, Sitka Tribe A

All-tournament team: Korina Chapman, Sitka Tribe A; Mahlet Tingley, Juneau HT7 Black; Esther Esbenshade, Yakutat; Corey Mulder, Juneau HT7 Black; Kailyn Sanders, Juneau HT8 Black.

Boys A Bracket

Championship game: Red Storm 46, Juneau HT8 Black 41

Team sportsmanship award: Juneau HT7 Black

MVP: Ryan Howell, Red Storm

Best defender: Erik Gile, Red Storm

All-tournament team: Alex Fagerstrom, Juneau HT8 Black; Kyle Wales, Juneau HT8 Black; Jacob Hotch, Juneau HT8 Black; Jon Mazzella, Red Storm; Kyle Fossman, Kryptonite.

Girls B Bracket

Championship game: Juneau HT6 Black 25, Juneau HT7 Red 24

Team sportsmanship award: Juneau HT6 Black

MVP: Karli Brakes, Juneau HT6 Black

Best defender: Annette Highley, Juneau HT7 Red

All-tournament team: Hannah Swofford, Juneau HT6 Black; Olivia Henderson, Juneau HT6 Black; Nia Maake, Juneau HT7 Red; Kathryn Meninger, Sitka Tribe B; Jordan Sheakley, Hoonah B.

Boys B Bracket

Championship game: Sitka Tribe I 43, Juneau HT6 Black 31

Team sportsmanship award: Sitka Tribe II

MVP: David Reynolds, Sitka Tribe I

Best defender: Luke Clayton, Sitka Tribe I

All-tournament team: Ben Hotch, Juneau HT6 Black; Colin Gozelski, Juneau HT6 Black; Derrick Esguerra, Sitka Tribe I; Austin Shoemaker, DZ Culture Club B; Jeremiah Byers, Hoonah B.

Girls C Bracket

Championship game: Juneau HT6 White 31, Juneau HT6 Red 21

Team sportsmanship award: Juneau HT5 Black

MVP: Megan Mauseth, Juneau HT6 Red

Best defender: Janel Saceda, Juneau HT6 White

All-tournament team: Kelsea Goodell, Juneau HT6 White; Charley Johnson, Juneau HT6 Red; Malin Murray, Juneau HT5 Black; Janelle Byers, Hoonah C; Katina Wathen, Sitka Tribe C.

Boys C Bracket

Championship game: Juneau HT5 Black 34, Hoonah C 20

Team sportsmanship award: Sitka Tribe C

MVP: Lance Ibesate, Juneau HT5 Black

Best defender: Greg Wright, Hoonah C

All-tournament team: Henry Dalton, Hoonah C; Tony Yadao, Juneau HT5 Black; Ben Shaw, Juneau HT5 Red; Rich Queriment, Sitka Tribe C; Antonio Chavez IV, DZ Culture Club C.

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