Thanks to the 'Tides and the Tempest'

Posted: Friday, March 28, 2008

My sincere congratulations to the students of Glacier Valley Elementary School for their amazing performance of "Tides and the Tempest" at the high school on March 10. The community of Juneau is privileged to have such talented youth. You guys were great.

Thank you to all who were responsible for this production: especially to Ryan Conarro (director) and Lorrie Heagy (music director), and to Jim Simard (lighting), Dave Hunsaker (script), Mela O'Brien (costumes), Susie Denton (choreography), Susan Sielbach (props), Tammy Chappell (Tlingit art designer), Roblin Gray Davis (masks), and Robert Davis Hoffmann (scenery). Merely listing these wonderful people is hardly enough ... their imaginations and the inspiration they provide to our kids is nothing short of a blessing to us in Juneau.

Thank you as well, to all the businesses who support Glacier Valley's art education program, your contributions are noticed, and deeply appreciated. Thank you too, to the parents, teachers, and administrators of students at Glacier Valley, who support the arts and contribute so much to the lives of these students.

And good luck, you guys, on your trip to Washington, D.C., and your performances at the Kennedy Center and the National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian. You definitely deserve your national award, and I know you will make Juneau very proud of you.

Personally, I think I would like to start over, and go to fourth grade at Glacier Valley Elementary School.

Bruce Simonson


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