Fish & Game celebrates recycling

Posted: Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game recently organized a "Go Green or Get Pinched" recycling celebration that coincided with St. Patrick's Day. The purpose for the department-wide events were to raise awareness of ADF&G's new recycling efforts at their Headquarters and Region 1 offices.

Courtesy Of Candice Bressler
Courtesy Of Candice Bressler

At headquarters, a storage room was redesigned as a recycle room, complete with separated bins for a variety of materials to be recycled. This new recycle room was spotlighted during morning and afternoon tours, and cupcakes, recycling tips, and under-the-desk recycling bins were handed out to staff throughout the day. The Headquarters office also hosted a "Go Green" potluck at noon which included a contest for the Best Green Dish. More than thirty staff members participated in the lunchtime event with guest speaker Jim Penor, the City and Borough of Juneau's new Waste Management Coordinator.

Tom Lawson, ADF&G Director of Administrative Services, observed, "The development of a new recycle room is a step in the right direction for our department to promote energy savings and green choices. Our staff are working daily to be socially responsible and to lessen their environmental impact. Doing this through workplace recycling makes sense."

The Fish & Game Region 1 section located in Douglas also held a number of fun events throughout the day. Streaming videos were set up in the conference room that showed energy and recycling efforts from across the world which got people motivated and anxious to try new things. A potluck hosted by ADF&G employees brought everyone together to discuss the recycling and energy saving efforts within the community. Later in the afternoon, Jim Penor visited the Douglas office to give a second presentation about a wide variety of topics involving Juneau's landfill and recycling center. There were a lot of questions and Jim was able to answer each one in detail.

"Jim is a great communicator," added Shaundy Cameron, of the Douglas office, "and the people of Juneau should feel confident that he is doing his job very well."

The Douglas office was very satisfied with the participation and turnout of everyone involved, and they will continue to raise awareness of their recycling efforts in the future.

As one of ADF&G's Recycling Committee members Michelle Kaelke remarked, "Recycling, reducing and reusing are small but meaningful ways for Fish and Game employees to fulfill our mission of protecting fish and wildlife and be part of Juneau's increased awareness and action to slow down the growth of Juneau's rising landfill."

The department's mission is to protect, maintain and improve the fish, game and aquatic plant resources of the state, and manage their use and development in the best interest of the economy and the well-being of the people of the state, consistent with the sustained yield principle.

Many of our staff recycle in their homes, so it is very fitting that our work environment also promotes recycling habits. This is just another way we are making those choices convenient for our staff.

For further information, contact Candice Bressler at 465-6417 or

• Candice Bressler is the Workforce Development Program coordinator for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

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