Douglas wolves

Posted: Friday, March 29, 2002

I am a near-third generation Alaskan; my ancestors started in Dawson/Skagway in the late 1890s and then from 1925 to 1946 lived in the Juneau-Douglas area. We spent our summers at the family camp on Admiralty Island, which is now a preserve. I always keep an eye on my family's old home.

When I read in the article that Alexander Archipelago wolves of Douglas Island may have been wiped out, I am concerned. Since this island is very urban and the wolves are used to people, do you think there should be some type of control on trapping?

We are facing the same thing with more disastrous problems in my present home in the Matanuska Valley. Here, we are the fastest growing borough in the state, with a population explosion. Traps are catching our family pets that have been allowed to run free in the past.

I hope somehow this pack is restored and careful planning goes into the future of wildlife on this pristine island.

Joann Utt


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