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Posted: Friday, March 29, 2002

It appears that the Knowles/Ulmer Administration's half-fast Department of Transportation may receive half of the fast-track money requested from the Legislature (for increased Alaska Marine Highway System fuel) because the half-fast politically charged Redistricting Board may be required to go back to work after an unfavorable recent Supreme Court decision that already has cost the state $500,000 in legal fees.

An AMHS spokesman says these lowered funding levels could mean the half-fast ferry system may be required to reduce service in the upcoming tourist season while the Redistricting Board burns funds from the fast-track appropriation to correct its flawed work product.

Coincidentally, in Palmer, where the people are clambering to move the capital, there is an Alaska State Pioneer Home that has been retrofitted at great expense to accommodate special needs of dementia patients. Unfortunately, state service being what it has become, staffing and specialized training is unattainable. This is causing long-term Alaskans to spend their twilight years on waiting lists instead of in facilities originally designed for their care.

After having fought hard against a road out of Juneau (with the promise of improved marine transportation) this administration has over eight years further isolated Southeast from the rest of Alaska, manipulated districts to displace traditional Alaskans, played to Southcentral concerns about inaccessibility of state government, and reduced what we all have a right to expect in state services. All of this has apparently been done to accommodate some half-fast political agenda that blames the Republican majority in the Legislature for everything.

Voters who care about the future of Alaska need to now build a fast ferry, "Next Election," to send anyone associated with this administration down the river.

Donn Liston


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