Thank You

Posted: Friday, March 29, 2002

... for all the help.

Sandi, Cricket, Mary, Jeannie, and Krista did one terrific job last weekend for the many Sitka guests at the Region Basketball Tournament. Some tickets were needed to be purchased for the Sitka city and borough mayor, administrator, and Assembly folks who had business appointments and differing departing flight schedules while in town. These ladies performed such a great service to try to help me arrange and coordinate payment and wristbands pick-up. I was greatly impressed with their help.

Thank you, Juneau ladies, for your selfless service to one and all. Yours is not a thankless job.

Rory (Mrs. Peter) Schneeberger

Sitka (8 months of the year)

Juneau (4 months during Legislative Session)

Hoonah (weekends with my husband, the new Postmaster there)

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