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Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2007

In response to Robbi Woltring's letter condemning Christianity and the Christian perspective that homosexuality is morally wrong, I would like to point out that she has completely misrepresented Christianity. As a Christian, I cannot sit by idly as my faith, and above all, the truth is maimed by those trying to justify their lifestyle.

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In her letter, she cited scriptures from the Old Testament, claiming that these form the foundation of the Christian faith. It is obvious that Woltring has neither read the Bible in its entirety nor studied the true basis of Christianity.

I will not go into a detailed defense of the Old Testament, but will state that God had reasons for the laws he set before His people. That being stated, when Christ came to earth, he fulfilled the law, meaning he brought about an understanding of what God truly expects of his children.

People are quick to point out what they perceive as the judgmental side of Christianity; however, they overlook the foundation. Throughout the New Testament, Christ constantly preaches "love your neighbor as yourself." He tells us to not judge lest we be judged in that same manner. He speaks of loving the sinner but hating the sin. Yes, the word of god states that homosexuality is a sin, and since I am being honest, I will say that I view that lifestyle as being contrary to what is righteous and holy. Nonetheless, I am not in the position to judge those that practice it and, as a Christian, I choose to love others regardless of their wrongdoing. It would be hypocritical and sinful to do otherwise. I know many will perceive that statement as being judgmental in itself, but again, that proves ignorance.

Those who do not know the love of God cannot comprehend this principle. They are not willing to accept that there can be defined moral boundaries that guide our lives while, at the same time, direct us to love others. Christ is all about love - love for God, love for man and love for his creation. Before you paint him in the wrong light, take the time to educate yourself on the truth.

Meghan Hohenthaner


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