Sick of the secret agenda yammering

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, March 29, 2007

I want to say I find it utterly appalling that certain adults take every event, every class, every article and every conversation about teaching children to treat other children with basic human kindness, civility and, oh yeah, Christian charity, to use as a pulpit to start preaching and screeching about the "gay agenda" and "recruiting our young."

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I think we have found the "gay agenda" and it's not the gays who have it. It's the anti-gay secret coalition's agenda to disrupt any and all attempts to get people to behave as civilized persons with equal rights and responsibilities for all citizens in order to push the cause of legalized abuse and bullying of gays even when it directly hurts all children.

I found it very difficult to understand why some Christians had shifted from sharing God's word and spreading The Good News to unthinking, programmed and automatic parroting of one position on one issue. Now it all makes sense.

Connie Riley


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