Urge Senate to move bill out of committee

Posted: Monday, March 29, 2010

The legislation to allow the Alaska Mental Health Trust to build a building on their land in the subport area is now in the last committee of referral, the Senate Finance Committee. It has been there since last session awaiting a hearing. This is a project of significant importance to Juneau and Southeast Alaska. Three departments of state government, a total of 500 employees, are proposed to be located at this site.

Why is it that the co-chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, a Southeast resident, has not yet heard the legislation? He claims to be a supporter of Juneau. To appease us, he introduces legislation to make Juneau the governor's official work station. This is window dressing, folks. We are getting taken for a ride.

Now we have a senator from Juneau who also sits on the Finance Committee. Time is running out. Isn't it time that this legislation gets a chance to get voted on by the Senate? Contact your Senator and urge him to move this bill out of his committee.

Gernot Heiker


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