Sarah Palin does not represent everyone

Posted: Monday, March 29, 2010

Former Gov. Sarah Palin does not represent me and has not represented Alaska since she abruptly left office in 2009 - so why should she now as a highly paid personality on the Discovery Channel?

Most were hoping she would quietly fade away, but true to her word, she continues to weigh in on the political scene with Facebook, Twitter and now as a Fox News commentator.

Her uninformed, unsupported downright falsehoods in the health care debate have only been destructive to say the least. Using such terms as "take him out" in reference to a democrat that she recently campaigned against in Orlando and "We're going to fire them" in reference to 20 Democrats that voted for health care reform hardly contributes to constructive substantive dialogue.

When fear mongering becomes her only platform, it is time to step down. Stepping up to the Discovery Channel's plate with "Sarah Palin's Alaska" however is an affront to most Alaskans.

Catherine Parker


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