Why print letters that upset me?

Posted: Sunday, March 30, 2003

I live in a country not yet involved in the war, but on reading this letter ("Supporting our troops like supporting LAPD," Empire, March 26), it upset me no end. I have friends whose husbands and sons are fighting for your country and when I read that letter it made me mad.

You as the editor have the last say on which letter gets printed and which does not. Surely your paper is a viable business. Why did you have to print the letter in the first place? People only do your sort of trick when you are in need of money to sell the newspaper. Whilst I do realise that individuals have the right to think what they like, this person must be a sick puppy to say the things he did. To me he doesn't even sound like an American, as none of my friends would ever behave like that.

I say it is your fault if any consequences happen because of your choice to put it in the paper. I really feel for the mother, wives and children who may read your paper. Now I know why I personally don't read letters from the editor in our papers.

Our editors are a little more sensitive to people's feelings most of the time. Besides, if I had an address of the guy I would write personally to him and I bet you have a lot of irate replies to his letter. And I bet they don't get to be put in your paper either.

Mary Grose

Christchurch, New Zealand

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