How about no-scent bars?

Posted: Tuesday, March 30, 2004

If we have to ban smoking in restaurants and public places ... then it's also time to ban women's perfumes, men's colognes and air fresheners in bathrooms.

One of my favorite bar/restaurants in town has an auto-air freshener in the bathroom that immediately gives me a headache the minute I walk in. I literally have to cover my face to use the restroom (as fast as I can, I might add).

Many of us have a horrible time breathing and develop excruciating headaches around the scents and smells that these products cause, as well as different fragrant shampoos, body washes, hairsprays, etc.

So it looks like someone needs to open a bar/restaurant that is smoke-free and scent-free to make another part of the population happy. Or maybe a bar/restaurant open for smokers but no scents allowed ... or maybe a bar/restaurant open with no smoking and they allow scents. Bet the nonsmokers never even thought about the suffering they are putting people through who are allergic to fragrances, eh? At least now, there are "smoking sections and a no-smoking sections." You don't find a "scented section" or a "no-scented" section in any bar/restaurant. At least with smoking you can see it ... it's not hidden like the scents in the air from the fragrances mentioned above.

Just another political extreme. Gotta keep everybody happy.

Tawanda Evans


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