Racism goes both ways

Posted: Tuesday, March 30, 2004

As someone who grew up in Juneau, and has lived there for most of my 31 years, I have to agree with Mr. Bourdon's letter. At the same time, I don't think it should be just those kids that set all this off at JDHS, and their parents, it should also be the parents of the so-called minorities who also act with hatred towards the supposed majority. There is no such thing as reverse racism - it's all racism, whether you're a member of a minority group or not.

I've experienced my own share of racial intolerance in Juneau, and not from your supposed majority, but from one of the minority groups listed. Plain and simple, racism is wrong. If a person refers to me as a "damn white man," it should be treated just as vigorously as this issue is being treated now.

Make no mistakes, I myself am not remotely tolerant of racism in any form - I'm Irish, we've only been considered white for the last hundred years or so. I doubt the Empire will be balanced enough to print this, but one can always hope.

Shaun McMahon


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