Democrats should just call socialism what it is

Posted: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm proud to hear that Sen. Max Baucus has finally come out with his admittance that the health care bill was about redistributing the wealth. Finally, it's out.

Now for those of you who may not understand that terminology, here is a little piece to explain it for you. Karl Marx proposed that his new (communist) economic system, which called for "redistribution of wealth," was more equitable than capitalism. The problem with his theories is they can't work because they require people to be, in part, altruistic. Working for the benefit of others over the self is not in harmony with human nature.

This health care bill is what this is all about. Evening out the playing field, punishing businesses to the full extent because they have to be for this system to work. I'm tired of keeping my mouth shut while the left keeps pushing lies on the public. It's time they were outed for what they really are.

A true Democrat stands for the same things as most Republicans, the same ideologies of a government for the people and by the people. But then you have socialist Democrats and liberal Democrats. Now those two groups lean a little farther to the left in a bad way.

Socialist Democrats believe that they can achieve a socialist state by democratic evolution rather than by revolutionary means. They also consider themselves as reformers, as they were called in the past.

Not participating in a market is not interstate commerce by any definition. This bill in part defines the logic of grabbing Americans by the throat like a mobster would and saying "do it or else."

Putting 157 bureaucracies between Americans and their doctors is horrid. Doctors have come out and spoken on this. They will be told what they can and can't do when their patients are having problems, and this includes being on the brink of death. I am one that definitely believes in good health insurance and coverage for all. But I do not believe in giving the federal government ownership over peoples' lives.

At least some of the true Democrats had enough sense to vote against the bill because they knew what it would cause this country. Then Al Sharpton came out on national television and admitted people voted for Obama because they knew he was a socialist. Geez, you would've thought that would've woken people up right there. History has shown time and time again throughout the centuries that socialism and communism do not work. The only thing it has ever accomplished is destroying countries and people.

Since when did we as a people let government decide how we should exist and what was good for us as individuals? No one has any clue of how much damage this thing will do until we're headfirst into it.

The pre-existing clause for children that were to be immediately covered is already failing. There's been no promise that premiums will go down - on the contrary, Americans are headed for a 13 percent rise by 2016. The Congressional Budget Office came out after the fact and stated that they messed up the numbers and the bill is going to cost an additional $1.2 trillion on top of the original $1.2 trillion.

Americans asked for change when they voted for Obama. The problem is, what kind of change did they want? And what kind of change did he really promise? You should never ever put your faith in another human being just because he has a title. This government was built on the principles of and for the people, by the people, and yes, we are now split down the lines in an even fissure. There are those who want the government to control every aspect of their lives and those who want freedom to choose what is best for their families and for their children's and grandchildren's futures.

For those of you who have not woken up and remain indoctrinated by the lies, let me ask you to do something. Sit back and seriously think about your life. Ask yourself, what has the government ever done for me to improve my life and my situation? I want you to honestly ask yourself that question. Ask yourself if you want your children to be in your shoes when they grow up. The only way for us to reverse course and tether this ship and turn it around is for everyone to realize that they can do for themselves and that we can help each other out without government interference.

We can become united again under common ground regardless of race, culture or background. The first step is realizing that we can do things for ourselves and realizing that we don't need those in Washington to make crucial life decisions. We are not the children and the government is not our mother.

And for those who continue to want to support socialized medicine, please do me a favor and sit down and read the bill. Only then will you be able to read between the lines and discover how much you've really been misled or misinformed as the Obama administration likes to so mildly put it.

And I will end this with a famous quote by Karl Marx, "Democracy is the road to Socialism."

Welcome to the new change America.

• Rhonda Hartzell lives in Angoon.

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