Wildlife refuge is a treasure to preserve

Posted: Friday, March 31, 2000

Your shortsighted editorial ``ANWR a national treasure - for oil'' clearly demonstrates the greedy narrow focus of immidiate gratification which is destroying our home. I say our home because it's the home both you and me live in outside our comfy offices and living rooms.

I'm not going to let people with your ``visions'' of saving a few dollars at the pump this instant, destroy what took hundreds of thousands of years to evolve. Do you really think saving $5 at the pump once a week is worth the destruction of this, one of the last pristine wilderness areas in the northern hemisphere? Once it is disturbed, that's it - there's no going back.

So while you worry about your $5 this week, think about the air you and I breath, where it comes from and who's breathing it. Think about yourself as a human being, dependant on the natural systems of the earth for survival just as are all God's creatures. Think about what the oil under ANWR will become after it is used. What does it turn into? Where does it go?

As you whine about those $5, I hope you think twice about the kind of world you want your kids to inherit. One consumed and overrun by man in the name of today's profit or one still alive, having been treated with respect and dignity with something other than material profit in mind. There are alternatives to oil and greed is not a terminal illness.

I know who I'll be voting for this November, it certainly won't be George W. Bush.

Michael A. Johnson

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