Sound fiscal plan is needed for state

Posted: Friday, March 31, 2000

I agree with Rep. Halcro when he remarked that, ``The silence in this building is deafening.'' It is quite disconcerting for me to realize that our elected officials who occupy all levels of the Capitol building seem to be avoiding the entire issue of creating a sound fiscal plan for Alaska. So far only seven legislators - Sen. Mackie, Reps. Hudson, Phillips, Davis, Halcro, Murkowski and Davies have demonstrated the leadership that is required to undertake such an unpleasant but necessary task. I certainly realize that it will be almost impossible to design any plan that will meet 100 percent acceptance, but I do expect our elected officials to show some activity toward a solution.

A sound fiscal plan is a dire necessity for our state. Properly and thoughtfully designed it should serve as a blueprint to be used each year when the budget is being crafted. Last September the public spoke very clearly with regard to what they want and do not want for our financial future. With that bit of information, I see no reason why any number of plans have not come forth. Surely there are more than seven officials who can think well enough to come up with more than two ideas whether anyone likes them or not.

I applaud the stalwart seven legislators who have the courage and fortitude to at least address this serious dilemma that our state faces. The rest of our elected officials seem to be content to just ignore our decayed roof during the sunny weather. Then they will run with vim and vigor to put pots under the leaks every time it rains.

Rosalee T. Walker

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