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Posted: Friday, March 31, 2000

Thanks to the Angoon fans who stayed late during the evenings to watch the Angoon ladies play. We really appreciate it. It made us work a little harder. Thanks.

Why on earth can't something be done about Egan Drive and Glacier Highway? All the lines need to be repainted, especially the white border lines on the right side of the road. Let's get with it.

Some of the potholes around Juneau are so big - you can lose a tire in them. Why doesn't the police department sell one of their pieces of artwork? With that money, they can fix all the potholes in town.

I support all police officers. However, I find state troopers are more apt to help and city police are out there to generate cash flow.

I've always been under the impression that the main reason the capital move has not gone through is because the state does not have the money to do it. I think people in Juneau should think really hard whether or not we want to trust our Legislature with all the money that will be available if the Mackie Plan goes through.

Why is everyone so anti-tourism around here? If it wasn't for the tourists, Juneau would probably turn into a ghost town.

I recently moved here from a large metropolitan area with a huge military complex. There, everyone complained about Navy jets that made deafening noise. Here, they complain about a few lousy helicopters making noise. Give me a break.

The News of the Weird - get rid of it. Stop corrupting our children with this sleazy rubbish. Find something a little more uplifting and intellectual challenging. News of the Weird is juvenile drivel.

I think JAMI should think about changing its name if it's going to take over the health and social services of Juneau. When you just need someone to talk to - who wants to go to a place that stands for the Juneau Alliance for the Mentally Ill? I think the name is kind of a stigma.

A big hug to the wonderful Juneauites whose quick and compassionate responses helped us through the first crucial moments of the car crash by the bridge last Tuesday. Your help made all the difference. Thank you Juneau.

What happened to the recall on Tom Garrett?

JDHS did an outstanding job with their play ``42nd Street.'' Keep up the good work.

Thanks to the lovely girls at the downtown tanning salon. They make rainy days a lot sunnier - they are so pleasant.

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