Hiding behind the pen

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, March 31, 2003

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Supporting our troops like supporting LAPD

I was surfing the Web looking for something inspirational dealing with the support of our troops in Iraq to use in an employee newsletter. I cannot express to you how incredibly sad (not to mention furious) I was and am to find the letter, "Supporting our troops like supporting LAPD" (Empire, March 26).

I know the author thinks he is courageous to express such a strong opinion about our military and their actions. I wonder if he has a clue what the word "courageous" really means. I wonder if, as an 18-year-old man, he would have had the courage to be shipped half-way around the world to fight for the freedom of a group of strangers who may never appreciate the sacrifice he has made. I wonder how the author can be so smug and pompous in asserting the soldiers "can lay down their arms and refuse to participate. They have the power (and the right) to do just that."? I wonder if another country was attacking the U.S. if he would want the very men and women who protect his freedom to lay down their arms and let him fend for himself?

In America, we are each entitled to hold and express our own opinions, so I suppose I cannot blame him for expressing his. But he should ask himself if he could have posted the article if he were an Iraqi writing about the Iraqi military? Could the newspaper editor have posted it? Sure, posthumously.

I pray that the scales fall from the author's eyes and that he will be able to see this for what it really is. And, that he finds in his selfish heart gratitude for the people who are willing to risk their lives by dealing with the sword and not hiding behind the pen.

Kelly J. Gillis

Washington, D.C.

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