Fables can't hide facts

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, March 31, 2003

"Once upon a time there were three bears..." Wait. Maybe there were four. Or were they little pigs? Hmmm. Oh, well. At least they all lived happily ever after. Unfortunately, their happy existence didn't come without a fight. It took a firm action against that big bad wolf to keep him out of Grandma's house. And whether the fable's author used twenty-dollar words to assure the reader of his superior knowledge of syntax and vocabulary or the simple grammar of children's prose, there is no way he can hide the fact that a struggle had taken place and casualties ensued.

Even in the fairy tales a woodsman's ax was required to liberate the old gal and keep Little Red Riding Hood free! And Mamma Bear didn't whip up another batch of porridge for the invader that came into her home. And it's no secret that the wolf is aiding and abetting Goldilocks. Confusing, huh?

All the analogies, cute as they may be don't hide the fact that our soil has been invaded and our neighbors and loved ones slaughtered. The offender claims no specific country but happens to be financed and protected by some, including Afghanistan and Iraq. These regimes have clearly supported the attack on America by allowing the terrorists training camps to operate in their countries. And they further show their hand by employing the same tactics now that the war is in progress. We are not trying to win a popularity contest here. It's a little late for that. When an enemy has the audacity to come into our own country and murder thousands of innocent civilians because they detest our freedom then a respect contest is in order. And the first round is respect for ourselves.

How are we to command the respect of anyone if we don't stand up to our aggressor? Yes, aggressor. To have our nation attacked by covert thugs of consenting countries and not take action to disarm those regimes we are leaving the door wide open to the continued disrespect of our enemies in the form of attack after attack on our security and freedom. The wolf is coming down the chimney and any self-respecting little pig should build a fire under him and send him packing. And I'm sure Goldilocks will have a healthy respect for bears. And I couldn't care less if she likes them or not. She should learn to cook her own stew!

Kirk Ziegenfuss


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