Kucinich supporters not just persevering

Posted: Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Dennis Kucinich came to Juneau and galvanized overflow crowds at five events. The Juneau Empire wrote two stories, but it missed the whole point. Kucinich activists are not "persevering in the face of certain defeat." As Congressman Kucinich said in Juneau, he can do the math. No one expects him to be the democratic nominee. What he is doing (and what Howard Dean for that matter is doing) is bringing new people into the Democratic Party and inspiring Democrats to create a party that stands for what people yearn for.

We are hungry for an end to an unjust war, for a livable wage, for guaranteed social security benefits, for health care and education for all, for an end to a bloated military budget, and for an end to corporate domination of the media and politics. Like Dennis Kucinich we want a cabinet level Department of Peace that uses nonviolence as an organizing principle all the way from our homes and communities to international relations. We want a country that joins the world community as an equal in the World Court, that ratifies the Kyoto Accords, the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, revives the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, and negotiates trade agreements with full respect for other country's workers and their environment.

Kucinich is taking this vision for our country all the way to the Democratic Convention in Boston so that the Democratic Party and platform can be transformed. This recreated and inspiring Democratic Party will draw people to the polls, save us from another four years of the Bush administration, and start our country on the path to being a nation we can be proud of once again.

Carol Anderson


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