My Turn: Several questions for Mr. McGonegal

Posted: Tuesday, April 01, 2003

OK, Pat, now its my turn.

I congratulate you on at least making an attempt to do your research before you speak (The moral conundrums of attacking Iraq, Empire, March 30). On that note I ask you to do more. Here are the questions I would like you to take time to research.

1. When a president decides it's time to go to war , what steps does he have to take to do so?

2. What cabinets does he have to pass this through ?

3. What military officers does he have to pass this through?

4. The role Congress plays and how many votes ?

5. What role does the Pentagon play in this decision?

6. How long does it take to come up with a war plan?

7. What exactly does it take to move troops? Time wise? Plan wise?

As an ordinary citizen living my most of my adult life in Alaska far away from the workings of the White House, I do not have the inside information on secret documents brought forward to our president that brought him to the decision he had to make in this war. You seem to have that so I am asking.

Also, what the oath of office is for the president as well as anyone entering the U.S. military?

1. What is the definition of a sovereign nation?

2. What is the definition of dictatorship?

When you say the rest of us - I take that to include me - "are ignorant of true nature of current world events," I would like to invite you to turn your TV to Channel 106 and take a long look at the current as well as historical events that have brought America and several presidents to this point in time. You will find on that channel the history of Iraq, the history of Saddam, the facts of the wars we have already fought in that lead up to this one as well as the facts and history of what the United Nations tried to do for the past 12 years or more to disarm Saddam of his weapons of mass destruction that he would like given a chance to use on all of us. What exactly is Saddam's plan for America and all its people and why? And how long has he had this plan and what lengths is he willing to go to reach his goals? You again seem to be in the know so I am asking you directly.

I also would like you to tell me exactly were the United Nations stood on all of this, meaning war on Iraq? Let me know, too, how much time they planned on carrying out disarming Saddam? What kinds of chemical weapons did he use already? Exactly what are the effects of those chemical weapons on a human? How is Saddam connected to Osama? Who trained the pilots that flew into the World Trade Center?

Crissy Smith of Juneau is a Tlingit and a member, manager and Web page builder of and for an international weather group, colored pencil artist, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.

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