Who does the government serve?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 01, 2005

At first it was disappointment with the administration, the Republican Party, and the Legislature. But now I, as many others, feel betrayed and violated by them, for disregarding the will of the citizens of Alaska.

The statement made in the Sept. 14, 1999, special election paid for by the taxpayers was that 83 percent said, "Don't touch the permanent fund dividend without a vote of the people!" With that statement, why have the above politicians taken it upon themselves to pursue spending the earnings of the permanent fund in SB 98, the supplemental appropriation bill? It passed both houses last week and now is going to the governor.

Our legislators voted along party lines, so why vote for individuals? Just red or blue, and then the governor can be dictator.

I don't believe this is what the citizens of Alaska expect or want. Standing up for my country in the Navy and being part of building Alaska in many ways, I believe that the people want fairness and honesty by those whom we choose to lead us. We certainly don't want deception while campaigning and when elected, then disregarding those they are supposed to serve. They should hang their head, if they do less.

Ed Martin Sr.

Cooper Landing

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