Taking the time to act against bigotry

Posted: Sunday, April 01, 2007

On Tuesday the Alaska Republican Party is putting on a statewide event to mobilize what it calls its "base." This advisory vote party event will cost over a million dollars of someone else's money - yours.

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The Republican Party's hard-core base is composed not of Christians but that minority of Christians who very selectively use the Bible seeking to justify and validate their personal hatreds and bigotry.

These conservative Christians can no longer (at least not openly) express hatred for American of African descent, Jews, Hispanics, Catholics or any of the other past targets of their hate. It's generally not socially acceptable. So they've moved on to a new group to hate - gays and lesbians.

One can easily imagine comparing this advisory vote to a referendum conservatives might have run 50 years ago anywhere in the South: a referendum asking if blacks should have to send their children to different schools from whites, pee in different restrooms and sit at the back of the bus. You can be sure such a referendum would have passed with a large majority. The bigots would not have allowed an opportunity like that to pass unused.

You can also be sure that Alaska's bigots will flock to the polls on Tuesday to spew their hate onto a ballot. It's the whole reason Republican legislators are spending your money to put on this show.

The questions are: Will enough decent Alaskans take the trouble to get by their polling place on Tuesday to counter such virulent and committed hate? Are there enough decent Christians and Alaskans willing to spend a few minutes going to their polling place to respond positively to Christ's teaching and to support fundamental American values like equality under the law?

The bigots will run, not walk, there to vote "yes." Will you be there to vote "no?"

Donald R. Douglas


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