Legislative roundup

Posted: Sunday, April 01, 2007

• House Bill 218: Requires Aerospace Development Corp. to pay dividend.

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• House Bill 219: Requires light bulbs to be energy efficient, labeled.

• House Bill 220: Bans computer-assisted remote hunting.

• House Bill 221: Creates fund to offset high energy costs.

• House Bill 222: Provides a cruise ship tax credit for municipal taxes.

• House Bill 223: Increases the dollar values for various degrees of theft.

• House Bill 224: Appropriates money for low-income energy assistance.

• House Bill 225: Bans possession of weapons while out on bail.

• House Bill 226: Extends life of State Training and Employment Program.

• House Bill 227: Establishes uniform money services regulation.

• House Bill 228: Sets fees for workers' compensation medical treatment.

• House Bill 229: Allows Alaska Railroad Corp. to participate in Kenai gasification project.

Senate bills:

• Senate Bill 136: Naming an Anchorage parking garage.

• Senate Bill 137: Changes Assessment Board of Review appeal process.

• Senate Bill 139: Clarifies airfield owner or operator liability criteria.

• Senate Bill 140: Provides leave for bone marrow donations.

• Senate Bill 141: Expands businesses in which limited liability companies can engage.

• Senate Bill 142: Changes procedures for handling matters after a person's death.

• Senate Bill 143: Appropriates money for tourism marketing, trade association.

• Senate Bill 144: Provides match for tourism marketing funds.

• Senate Bill 145: Allows cities to impound, forfeit cars for unpaid traffic fines.

• Senate Bill 146: Clarifies employer liability for workers compensation.

• Senate Bill 148: Special license plates for Purple Heart, Medal of Honor recipients.

• Senate Bill 149: Makes redistribution of used eyeglasses easier.

• Senate Bill 150: Toughens penalties for crimes at domestic violence shelters.

Passed House:

• House Bill 19: Limits drivers' licenses after DWI conviction.

• House Bill 48: Allows Retirement Board purchase of Petroleum Production Tax credits.

Passed both:

• House Bill 102: Regulates passing of stationary emergency vehicles.

• Senate Bill 82: Supplemental appropriation for oil and gas activities.

Signed by governor:

• House Bill 18: Expands medical school opportunities for Alaskans.

• House Joint Resolution 8: Opposes Washington Container Fee.

• House Concurrent Resolution 8: Proclaims Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

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