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Posted: Sunday, April 02, 2000

Not enough Tony time

A delegation of politicians and business leaders from the Northwest Territories was warned last week not to be too anxious about getting a meeting with Democratic Gov. Tony Knowles.

Sen. Randy Phillips, an Eagle River Republican, told the group that he favors a legislative exchange with the Northwest Territories, as Alaska has had with the Yukon. But Phillips said it would be difficult to get an appointment with Knowles.

Gesturing toward Democrats across the table, Phillips said he didn't see himself as having made a political statement.

``It's bipartisan,'' responded House Minority Leader Ethan Berkowitz, an Anchorage Democrat, getting a laugh all around.

Dust in the wind

Juneau's Joel Orelove really, really wanted to be in Seattle to watch the Kingdome blow up. But flight problems kept him here. Still, Orelove watched the big bang on TV and a handful of Web sites that offered angles all around. As the blast blew concrete dust sky-high, the collector of Elvis paraphernalia said he thought he saw the King's image in the cloud of dust.

Kodiak challenge

Even Tiger Woods might have had a difficult time with this one. Yesterday's Pillar Mountain Golf Classic was an on par-70, one-hole course. The aim was to get the ball in a five-gallon bucket surrounded by green-dyed snow at the top of the mountain. But to get there, players had to climb 1,400 feet through ice, snow, brush and often miserable weather conditions. ``We really emphasize warm gear and appropriate footwear,'' said Micky Crawford, tournament organizer. ``We don't need any cases of hypothermia.''

Counting challenges

Census workers in Anchorage are told about a lot of things. Like don't wake up people camped out in tents. And watch out for menacing canines. But what about the wildlife? ``They told us about dogs. They told us not to go in (a yard) if the dog looks threatening,'' said one worker, after making a detour around a mama moose and her calf. ``Moose aren't in the same category.''

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