Legislative update

Posted: Sunday, April 02, 2000



9 a.m. Senate Finance Committee considers SB 290, which would set up a formula by which school districts are reimbursed for the cost of bussing students to school. Also, SJR 40, which would require a majority vote for the election of Alaska's governor and members of the state's congressional delegation. Room 532.

1 p.m. House Resources Committee SJR 39, which encourages Congress to open up the Alaska National Wildlife Reserve to oil development. Room 124.


1:30 p.m. House Finance Committee considers HB 141, which would allow for preferential voting in Alaska, where the electorate would rank candidates in descending order. Room 519.


1:30 p.m. House Finance Committee considers HB 441, which would use the Constitutional Budget Reserve to fund a portion of the University of Alaska's budget and increase funding for the university. Room 519.


3 p.m. Senate Resources Committee considers HB 108, which would require the registration of pleasure craft and provide for boating safety programs. Room 205.


SJR 40 (Senate Finance Committee) seeks to amend the state constitution to require a majority vote to elect Alaska's governor and congressional delegation.

SB 302 (Senate Community and Regional Affairs Committee) would establish the Anchorage International Airport Commission.

SB 298 (Knowles) would apply terms of contracts negotiated with unions representing state workers to non-union state workers.

HCR 22 (House Finance Committee) would establish a new legislative committee called the Joint Special Committee on Ways and Means.

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