Support for Gov. Knowles

Posted: Sunday, April 02, 2000

I read with alarm the ``My Turn'' column by Carl Rosier last Sunday criticizing Gov. Knowles' wolf management policies.

Last I heard, Carl Rosier is the former commissioner of fish and game that spent our public money on an intensive wolf snaring program that was a botched and embarrassing failure. Public funds should not be used for extremist, inadequately thought out and poorly implemented wolf extermination plans that lack public support. Polls show a large majority of Alaskans (as well as nearly all my friends and neighbors) are offended by these programs. Not to mention the wrath directed toward Alaska by ``outsiders'' around the world because of these programs and their impact on our visitor industry.

Carl Rosier is the last person who should be calling someone else's game management ideas ``atrocious.'' Gov. Knowles' slow and reasoned approach is in the best interest of all Alaskans.

Bart Watson

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