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Posted: Sunday, April 02, 2000

The police department is writing a lot of tickets in order to pay for street repairs. I even heard that we will soon see uniformed cops filling in potholes.

I'm trying to understand the negative remarks I've read lately about domestic violence shelters. First of all, anyone who's been a victim of assault in their own home, male or female, understands that no one is lured to a shelter, but that they seek assistance there out of desperation. Second, there should be an assist program for males. So instead of complaining about the program for women, why don't you work toward putting together a program for men. That's what women did for each other and what men need to do for themselves.

I can't believe you printed Skip Wallen's idiotic cartoon in the Friday Empire. Maybe he should move down south where a century of wolf control has left the wilderness as tame as the local supermarket. Maybe open season on moronic cartoonists would be a better idea.

A white cane is not a movie disguise. It is a tool, a signal and a plea to others. As a tool it help interpret the terrain and makes a walk possible. As a signal it warns other people and motorists to slow down and let them pass. As a plea it is a reminder for courtesy and concern for others. But also, it is a reminder that this could be you someday, and if so we will celebrate your courage for going out for a walk and using a white cane for all that it signifies.

The state privatized road line painting and sold their painting machinery. The paining is done by the lowest bidder. The cheapest possible job is completed to increase profits. This is privatization in action.

While we're at it, let's start a recall for Frankie Pillifant too.

To the Juneau Gold Medal Committee: It's time for you guys to get new radio announcers on this tournament. The ones you have now are too biased toward certain teams. And their criticisms aren't very well appreciated either.

What's going on with the city property tax assessment? Mine went up more than 30 percent this year, yet the assembly boasted the mill rate would be about the same. I'm planning on voting for the cap on property taxes.

I recently saw ``House of Blue Leaves'' and was very impressed. Juneau's very lucky to have Perseverance Theatre.

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