Not American values

Posted: Wednesday, April 02, 2003

One thing about Iraq should be pretty clear now. We are not just liberating Iraq from Saddam Hussein and his cronies. The entire population of Iraq is not welcoming us with open arms. All the Iraqi troops are not just collapsing and surrendering. There is a significant minority, maybe even a majority of the Iraqi population that opposes us. We do not even know if Saddam is alive. The Iraqi people do not know - and yet they continue to fight.

So let's be honest with ourselves about what we are doing. We are invading another country. We are destroying much of that country. And we are killing their people by the thousands.

We will continue our invasion. We will probably kill thousands more Iraqis. We will "unintentionally" kill hundreds, maybe thousands of civilians. Just collateral damage for our "liberation." And we will take over and occupy their country. Not much doubt of that. President Bush has told us we will not leave once we "disarm" Iraq. No, we are going to stay and occupy that country. We have been told we are contracting with American firms to repair their infrastructure and pump their oil.

Tell me, friends, if we are just liberating Iraq from a few top leaders, why are so many resisting - especially when they don't even know if Saddam is alive? If our goal is just to get rid of Saddam and disarm Iraq, why are we planning stay and occupy that country?

I am proud of our country. I am proud of American democracy and freedom. I am not proud of invading, destroying and occupying countries that oppose us. I am not proud of being a Roman imperial occupier. That is not what America stands for. Those are not American values.

Jonathan Anderson


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