My Turn: Trouble right here and it begins with 'G'

Posted: Wednesday, April 02, 2003

We have a government that we need to be afraid of. All in the name of war and security we citizens of this great country have been lied to and have had our democracy and freedom taken away. The U.S.. Patriot Act has done that and Congress is not willing to give us back our U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights - afraid to go against George W., even though George W. and each member of Congress pledged to uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights when they took office. They have not done so.

Our Congress has been brainwashed to believe this is all necessary in order for George W. to be given authority to do as he pleases to end terrorism. This "either you are with us or against us" attitude has scared many citizens all over the U.S. from speaking out against the atrocities that our government is perpetuating not only in Iraq but other nations , i.e., Afghanistan.

Practically every state in this nation is bankrupt. Alaska is no exception. Every state needs help with schools, health care, maintaining infrastructure, etc. and now because of the war, that money is going to the military budget. George W. and his administration started the war, a war that did not have to be, a war that Congress is able to find money for, but cannot find money for education, health care, helping our elderly and sick and those without jobs, etc., a war that is killing our young men and women, an illegal war that goes against international law, a preemptive war against a country we were told has weapons of mass destruction even though there are many countries that really do have weapons of mass destruction, who have dictators - but we are not fighting those countries.

Where is the logic? There is none. A war against terrorism. (I thought it was Osama bin Laden who was the ring leader of 9/11, but somehow Saddam Hussein is now the scapegoat.) However, one cannot fight that kind of war because terrorists exist in every country. Then again, maybe George W. plans to fight a war in every country.

And what about this country, which has weapons of mass destruction? What about this country that thinks it can go into any country it wants to and destroy it and its people just because it wants to? If the U.S. can do whatever it wants with no regard to international law and peace, then the U.S. is telling the world that every nation can do the same thing. George W. needs to be stopped! He is bankrupting this great country by asking Congress to sign a blank check for a war that has no end. The U.S. might kill Saddam Hussein, but Osama bin Laden and many like him are still very much alive and the U.S. has only made mega enemies all over the world by its actions. It is on a crash course and quite frankly George W. and those who surround him don't even care. They don't want to feed the hungry, provide shelter for the homeless, provide day care or education, or health care let alone take care of the environment.

What do they want? They want unlimited power and wealth! They want to control! They want to tell the world what to do. They want everyone to fear them. And, they want you and me to keep paying taxes, but not to know what is going on by deciding that everything needs to be kept secret! The U.S. has trouble right here in D.C. It begins with G and that stands for George and he thinks he's God.

Beware, America!

Janet Kussart has lived in Juneau for 34 years. She is volunteer for selling UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) cards for more 25 years.

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