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Thank you letter

Posted: Friday, April 02, 2004

We would like to thank the following citizens for their time and efforts in keeping Juneau's trails clean by "scooping the poop."

Feb. 7 - Airport Dike Trail: Laurie Ferguson Craig, Susan McGregor, Vicky McLaughlin, Jill Grose, Iris Frank, Lisa Rollins, Perry Shipman, Linda Shipman.

March 13 - Airport Dike and Brotherhood Bridge Trails: Vicky McLaughlin, Susan Hoffman, Perry Shipman, Linda Shipman.

March 26 - Dredge Lake Road trail entrance and pond area: Sherrie Jans and Anita Martin.

We recognize that other citizens are anonymously devoting their time to "scooping the poop" of all dogs on their favorite trails. Please contact us so we can credit you also!

Grateful Dog's next "scoop the poop" day is Saturday, April 3, at 2 p.m. at the Airport Dike trail. Please come join our friendly, good-humored group for an hour of work, followed by camaraderie and chat at the waffle shop across from the Auke Bay Harbor.

Grateful Dogs of Juneau

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