Tax time, again

Posted: Monday, April 03, 2000

The millennium is a haze, Christmas a vapor. The sun has carried its promise across the equator once again; it is almost April 15. Here we go again. It's raining and it's tax time and we all know it. I'll go to the under-funded library to search the plethora of tax forms available to me. 1040 and other forms that sound as complicated as a simple oil change. So I sift through them to see which one will save me the most money.

This one lets you claim $12,500 if you are married, but make under $50,000. This one only helps if you make this much and have this many deductions. I find that my wife and I fall in between the rock and the hard place. We made more than ever before and we find we have to pay more than before. Even though our needs did not increase.

I am not opposed to paying taxes. Yet as I flip through all the different tax forms that the government supplies with characteristic inefficiency, I recognize one constant - the presidential election campaign fund. Three dollars, simple, direct, indiscreet, vague. It's general too. Help whoever, whenever - just give us fluff and we'll make it comfortable. If one check box, why not more? Let's suppose that when we receive our tax forms we also get a list of check boxes which represent where we want our tax money to go. Social security, education, transportation, the military - let's keep it general like the presidential election campaign.

This is the computer age, right? All information could be sent out, collected, received and deciphered rather cheaply. We would not only send a message to our congressman, we would also end lobbyists, cut down special interest and save money. By keeping the check boxes more general in form, we would allow representatives the latitude to expel endless hours of hot air, thus satiating their need to hear themselves speak yet keeping the margins within our concepts.

It is tax time, it's raining and it's simple.

Kenn MagowanJuneau

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