Alaska's golden goose

Posted: Monday, April 03, 2000

The Mackie Plan for our PFDs has been scoffed at by many, as they want the benefit of the PFD for life and the life of their children. A noble idea, but it will never be realized.

The main reason the longevity of the PFD will never come to pass is the state is feeling a cash flow problem that has been ignored for years, in hopes it might go away. Well it hasn't.

The powers to be have no creativity to make money for the state, but they do know how to pluck and drain the golden goose. Being unable to earn money to pay bills, the only option in which to bail them out is the PFD.

As the bills grow bigger and bigger, they will tell us they have no choice but to take more and more and more. Once the sticky hands of unaccountable agents of finance dip in the golden goose, it will become an addiction until the goose is flat, featherless and empty.

With Mackie's plan, at least we will get enough money to invest in our own golden goose. Yes, some will not invest, but spend. Hey, it's their money - leave them to choose what is to become of it. Yes, maybe we could get more, but even with the grubby hands of Uncle Sam taking his share, it's more than we will wind up with once the goose is on the slab.

For those concerned about where that would leave them with the social programs, it will allow you to become independent and make a better life for yourself.

The Permanent Fund was never set up to give the people a bonus for living in our great state. We were allowed to benefit from the program and can now go out winners. I would enjoy receiving the PFD for the rest of my life, but I don't see that happening.

Once our elected officials get in the fund, and they will, your children will only learn about the PFD through hearing their elders talking about, ``When I was a young man in Alaska, we received free money from a profit sharing plan the state used to have.'' Of course that was prior to the golden goose dying on the operation table by folks that knew nothing about surgery, money, or the anatomy and physiology of the golden goose.

Shane Wirtz

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