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Posted: Monday, April 03, 2000

If the Legislature gets to leave early, does that mean they only get paid for the days they actually worked? If not, I might as well go home before my eight-hour shift is over - I can always do the rest of my work some other day.

If legislators are serious about campaign reform, they should set up a major fund for businesses and individuals. People can donate to the fund, and the fund can be split evenly between the candidates.

We have a no-fly zone over recreation areas here in Juneau. Well, I consider my residence a recreation area. I propose we have no-fly zone from the end of Thane to Eagle River in Juneau and Treadwell to Fish Creek on Douglas. If that doesn't work, the city can reduce our property taxes during the tourist season.

It's not that we're anti-tourism. It's just that there is no limit to the tourists in Juneau and what they do.

It's horrible that our beautiful city is being trashed by abandoned old used cars. Is it legal to leave rusty old cars around town polluting our city?

Pet owners and pet lovers - beware of the eagles. They do attack cats and small dogs. I've seen a cat being carried over the trees by an eagle and a dog attacked while leashed on its porch.

In regards to male domestic violence, it's not only the shelter in this town that lacks in care for male victims of domestic violence. You go to counseling and it all is geared toward women as well.

It seems that every time I pick up the paper there's an article about the University of Alaska wanting more money. If things are so tough, how can they afford to lease the old Horton hardware store?

I really enjoyed the Gold Medal games. The games were really good. Thank you Juneau Lions Club.

I can understand the recall on Tom Garrett because he's a wholly owned subsidiary of Northwest CruiseShip Association. Why would anyone want to recall Frankie Pillifant?

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