Don't tolerate bullying

Posted: Tuesday, April 03, 2001

Kudos to Bill Thompson for his column (Empire, March 29), "School prevention plans are a bully idea."

I have felt all along, during the array of school shootings and violence, that the main reason for these tragedies stems from the "bullies" tormenting (physically and emotionally) other students ... tearing down their confidence and self-esteem just because of the way they may look. It's hard enough to be a teen-ager going through all the changes in life looking toward a future full of insecurity and a sense of not belonging, seeing problems at home as well as with our country.

I fully believe that the so-called "shooters" are the first victims and that most of these tragic situations can be prevented if the bullying would be controlled both at school and at home. I have been reprimanded by folks for stating this strong belief; however, stopping this tormenting "bullying" through both education and parenting is the only real solution. Weapon control in schools is only one form of handling the problem, and bullets can travel across parking lots, streets and from vehicles. Controlling bullying would have far better results.

So Juneau, how about a training program to stop bullying in its tracks? Juneau is not immune to a potential tragic story that has hit other communities that felt it "could never happen to them."

William Gillette


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