Business profile: Sandra Brown

Posted: Thursday, April 03, 2003

Title and company: Owner, Salon 2211

Services: Salon 2211 is a full-service salon for clients of all ages, Brown said.

"We have pretty much everything a salon offers except facials: nails, artificial manicures, pedicures, haircuts, perms, tons of color - I think that's probably our biggest sell," she said. "People younger and younger are getting their hair colored these days."

Right now red hair is a trend, as are red and blonde highlights, Brown said. She and her staff keep up on hairstyling trends by attending trade shows throughout North America.

"I ask the girls yearly to go to at least one class to keep up with the trends," Brown said. "And we have promotions for the girls - whoever sells the most retail, we give them a free ticket."

At trade shows Brown is introduced to new hairstyling brands. She has more than doubled the number of haircare product brands sold at the store since she bought it.

Brown pays her stylists 60 percent of their appointment sales and 15 percent of retail sales, enticing them to make a long-term commitment to the salon.

"Hairdressers here tend to stay," she said. "It's a very laid-back, easy salon. I know some salons I've worked at have been kind of stressful, and those are the ones that usually have a high turnover."

Business at the salon has grown considerably since the Gottschalks department store opened in the Mendenhall Center last year. Most of the stylists at Salon 2211 are booked about five days in advance.

Biographical information: Brown was born in New Orleans and moved to Juneau about 13 years ago, when she came to visit her mother and "she talked me into staying," Brown said.

She was trained at Grand Illusions, a local salon that also was certified to teach hairstyling, about eight years ago. She worked at Shear Designs, another local salon, for about five years.

Brown then returned to Grand Illusions to lease her own station from the salon. About a year and a half ago, Suzanne Dowd, who then owned Salon 2211, approached Brown about selling her business.

Brown worked with the Small Business Development Center to develop a business plan and secure financing for the business, which has six stylists and three receptionists. The sale was completed Feb. 16.

Owning a salon has not been much different from working in one, Brown said.

"I'm still a full-time stylist - the salon pretty much runs itself," she said. "It's just the paperwork and the ordering that I've been doing."

Brown's husband, Randy Brown, is learning how to keep books for the business, while she is learning the computer software at the salon. Then they plan to teach each other those systems.

Family: Brown's family in Juneau includes her husband, Randy Brown; son Joey Schultz, 18; stepson Steven Brown, 11; and her mother, stepfather, brother and his family.

Quotable: "A lot of the younger people think (Salon 2211) is an older salon," Brown said. "Now they're seeing the younger people working in here and the younger products."

Contact information: Salon 2211 is next to Super Bear in the Mendenhall Center. The phone number is 789-2211.

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