ACS is a good school

Posted: Thursday, April 03, 2003

I am writing because our Governor wants to close Alyeska Central School. He thinks it costs too much money to operate. I don't want him to close the school because many students that don't live in big cities use ACS.

I live on Shelter Island, and I am in fifth grade. ACS has been my school for five years. If the school were closed I would have to live in Juneau most of the year away from my family. I like doing school at home because there aren't as many distractions. It makes it easier for me to concentrate on my schoolwork. I have participated in the activity Battle of the Books for three years. ACS takes part in this activity. Our team has been one of the top three teams in Alaska for our grade. It is a good activity because I get to read good books, travel and meet other ACS students that are in my grade. My school has a great library that has fun books, videos, and computer software. The library will mail me any of the materials I need.

Alyeska Central School should stay open because a lot of students don't have another school to go to. They live in remote place like I do. It is a good school.

Megan Murayama

Shelter Island

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