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Posted: Thursday, April 03, 2003

I have been a student at Alyeska Central School for five years, and have always felt privileged to be using the program. Even though I will be going to the regular high school next year, I was very disappointed when I heard that ACS might be closed.

I have so many good memories from going there, and I want other kids to feel as welcome and accepted as I was. If ever my mom and I needed help in the past, we could always e-mail or call my teacher. I never felt that I was missing out by not going to public school. In fact, I felt like I was getting a better education! The structured program that ACS offers was still flexible to fit around my needs, but not so flexible that I was being cheated out of one subject. Out of curiosity, we looked into other schools to see what they offer, but none of them gives the support and structure as Alyeska.

When I was in first grade I would go and visit my teacher often, and while I was at it, visit the other teachers, too. I have kept going in to the offices, and love browsing the library, and talking to everyone who works there. The library is also a great asset for research papers, and it is used by kids all over the state who don't have access to books nearby. I really feel that closing Alyeska would be a great loss to everyone.

Alyeska is a unique and wonderful way to get a well-rounded education. I respect Gov. Murkowski's wishes, but maybe someone should double check, to make sure this is what they really want. To close this school down would be a shame, as well as a historic and future loss.

Anna Branch


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