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Posted: Monday, April 03, 2006

I am writing in response to the article dated March 23: "Sen. Ted Stevens says Alaska is on its own." I think we should now think over handling the Permanent Fund Dividend lump-sum amount of $25,000 to each Alaska resident before it is too late. If we do this, we will be helping the economy and the federal government with the tax that will be imposed on the lump-sum. That way, we can withdraw some of the PFD and tell the feds that we do not have a lot of money in the savings account they are stating.

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Think of it like this, they are probably saying that if we have surpluses and a PFD, we should not get benefits for our state. This is like when you ask the federal government for food stamps or Adult Public Assistance or Medicaid, if you have a savings account of more than $3,000, you do not qualified for the benefits. We should really think hard about this, and we will still have some PFD left over for the future. Also, the state can benefit from it, too. Katrina and Iraq have forced the federal government to cut back. Therefore, we will not suffer if we spend our lump-sum with housing in Alaska and other important necessities.

Also, when we do this, we need to realize that this is only to help the economy. We should put some restrictions on it. Like if you take the lump-sum, you're not allowed to move from the state within the next five years, and the state will tax it at 2 percent so that Alaska can benefit from it. Let's get together, and ask the PFD for a lump-sum. It will really benefit the state and the economy and especially the feds.

Guadalupe Vasquez


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