Bush doctrine will prevail with iron will

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Posted: Monday, April 03, 2006

Because the Empire generally provides a Democratic/liberal/anti-Bush/anti-war platform, it is perhaps appropriate to submit an alternative view. As a rule, the Empire's letters to the editor, editorials - and even some news reports - offer content so nonsensical that they do not inspire retort. But a few general observations can be made, and should be remembered.

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1. Yes, Virgina, war does result in death, destruction, considerable cost and inconsolable grief. They are in the major part why President Bush was careful to secure the authorization of the Congress and the United Nations. (Unlike the Kennedy/LBJ adventures in Vietnam, resulting in the longest war in our history.) The fact that three years later some politicians and their supporters now express doubts - and even some doubts about their doubts -is nothing more than political opportunism seeking some small advantage at the cost of decreased national security. Deplorable, but that is what such people do.

2. It is an unfounded criticism of President Bush and our military to cite mismanagement, blunders, incompetence, etc., as personal failures. For such is both disingenuous and uninformed. The history and the very nature of war is an account of errors of judgment, failure to perform up to some arbitrary expectations and endless details of misapplication of resources resulting in missed opportunities. It is, among other things, a super human effort to establish order out of chaos, and is fraught with the consequence of the human frailty of those who rise to undertake our defense. Their performance should not be measured by an expectation of some degree of perfection. To ensure success it is only necessary for one to accept the dictate as set forth by Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of England: "When you are at war you can not allow the difficulties to dominate your thinking; you have to set out with an iron will to overcome them."

You critics do remember Thatcher, don't you? She joined with Ronald Reagan to bring down the evil empire of the Soviet Union, making possible a unified democratic German nation and freeing millions of people in Eastern Europe. Good work for a girl and an actor. And it is with an iron will that the Bush doctrine will defeat terrorism and accomplish opportunities for freedom for millions of Muslims, and provide us with a greater measure of security from terrorists. And history will also judge that as good work.

Andy Pope


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