Animal friends misconstrue issue

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Posted: Monday, April 03, 2006

The letter written from Priscilla Feral (March 23) stated that the "majority of Alaskans" agree that shooting wolves by air is a national disgrace. How many of us Alaskans received a phone call regarding our opinion of this issue? I surely didn't, and I'm quite sure you didn't either.

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Priscilla Feral and the Friends of Animals group have misconstrued this issue so far out of balance that they don't even know what they are protesting anymore. I'm quite sure that if she had done her research, she would figure out that it is the Alaska Board of Game, not our Legislative government, that approves wildlife regulations through a public participation process. So the majority of Alaskans that she is referring to are obviously the ones who don't rely on subsistence or hunting wild game as a way of life. Her ad in the USA Today on March 13 (boycott tourism in Alaska), is one tell-tale sign that she needs to do more research.

If Priscilla did her research, then she would know that 90 percent of all cruise ship passengers, which is where most of all tourism is generated, that travel to Alaska each year don't give a hoot about the wolf control program, and the ones who will stay home and not see our beautiful state, because of this so-called boycott, are the ones we don't want here anyway! So keep yourself in Connecticut and find a cause in your own state.

Christine Boddy


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