Boys soccer team wins first of four

Posted: Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Juneau-Douglas High School boys soccer team defeated one of the top four high school soccer teams in the Spokane, Wash., league on Wednesday. They face the another today.

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Herbert Law / For The Juneau Empire
Herbert Law / For The Juneau Empire

According to JDHS boys soccer coach Gary Lehnhart, the team beat University High School 3-0.

"For our first game, it was pretty impressive," Lehnhart said. "This is one of the teams in the upper end in the greater Spokane league, so a really good result."

Lehnhart said JDHS scored at the 13-minute mark with a pass from senior Dominic Smith. Smith collected the ball, beat a couple guys and laid it off to junior Aaron Badilla, who scored.

"It stayed like that for the rest of the first half," Lehnhart said. "Although, we had a number of chances."

Lehnhart said University had one chance to score, but Juneau's goal keeper, Sam Post, saved it.

"It was really the main time he was called on to make a save," Lehnhart said. "And he made it; so that was good."

Being 1-0 at half, Juneau scored at 13 minutes again into the second half.

This time, junior Joe Slagle crossed the ball, and junior Joe Croteau settled and passed it to Colin Flynn, who scored.

Then, about a minute and a half later, Flynn collected the ball and laid it through to Smith, who scored.

"Those two have had a lot that in their careers, Colin passing it to Dominic and vice versa," Lehnhart said.

According to Lehnhart, Zack Farington had an amazing defensive game. Slagle and Tuavao Maake also performed well defensively.

"Those three guys in the back played a really strong game," Lehnhart said. "Our defensive center mid-fielder, Elliot Ford, had one of his better games that I've seen."

"It was a good start for us. I'm really pleased with coming out of the box this well," Lehnhart said. "By having had a chance to play and play a team that's into their season a little bit, I think it was a much better performance than I expected at this point. Even the guys that I brought in off the bench, not much of a dropoff."

Tomorrow Juneau plays the number one team, Joel E. Ferris High School, according to Lehnhart.

"We have quite a rivalry with them," he said.

Coached by Robin Crain, Ferris is undefeated.

"It should be a great game," Lehnhart said. "I coached with Crain, and he and I played together in college."

Lehnhart said Crain has traveled to Juneau for several summers to work with local players at Thunder Mountain Summer Camp.

"A lot of the coaches who are coaching here I either played against or coached with," Lehnhart added. "A number of them come up to Juneau in the summer."

"We've been coming down here for about 15 years," Lehnhart said. "They just take great care of us. ... This has been a really good thing for us over the years.

The Bears play three of the top four teams for their first three games. Their fourth game is against East Valley High School.

"This should be a pretty good test," Lehnhart said. "We knew we had a strong team coming in, so I told them to book us a really tough schedule, and they did. So we'll see if we're up to it."

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