Sorry Plastic, Anji's playing anymore
Anji Gallanos pays attention. To her family and friends, to her community, and (importantly) to herself. She's an idea person, but also a realist, so her friends never roll their eyes at "Anji's crazy ideas." In fact, just the opposite - we usually offer help, for fear of being left pitifully behind. So I've learned to pay attention to Anji.

Poetry Omnibus: I. ADULT WINNERS
For the fifth year in a row, Juneau's buses are somewhere you can read an original poem written by a local resident, courtesy of the Poetry Omnibus contest.

Things to do within an hour's drive of Las Vegas
Las Vegas might surprise you. It's not all about drinking, gambling and doing dumb things that might get you on Taxicab Confessions - there are many outdoor activities within an hour's drive, and there are interesting museums in the city itself.

"Go ahead, Tony, take my table. I've been doing pretty good tonight."

L'attitude enters digital realm
If you're reading April's L'attitude, you've likely picked it up because you were curious to see how an Alaskan boom operator filming in California handles facing down a brown bear. Or what a boxer retiring after decades in the ring has to say about hanging up his gloves. Or what other thought-provoking, beautiful, interesting, and/or arresting art your fellow Southeast Alaskans can produce.

Poetry: The Tempest
Hard swallows whilst bearin' heart pangs in motion

Al 'Mean Machine' Valentine retires from boxing life
The boxer sits in an aged recliner, behind a make-shift curtain roughly four-foot square, his hands taped awaiting the familiar pressure of sweaty 12-ounce boxing gloves, knowing that this is his last fight.


Mad passion: for craft beer
I was reading an industry paper a while back, and was struck by a headline: "Greg Koch tells aspiring craft brewers 'Be passionate - mad passionate, or stay home.'"

Getting green done
What people are doing all over town to meet Juneau's current needs, without compromising our future responsibilities.

Poetry Omnibus: II. YOUTH WINNERS
For the fifth year in a row, Juneau's buses are somewhere you can read an original poem written by a local resident, courtesy of the Poetry Omnibus contest.

Make it Primitivo please
With the wacky Southeast weather, one is tempted to go for a crisp white wine to drink in the sun one day, and then move back to a hearty big bold red wine the next. Sun and then sleet and then sun and then sleet, the weather often dictates what might be appropriate to drink. Having almost taken an amazing Sancerre home the other day, with the expectation of continued spring-like weather, I had planned on spending the Sunday in the sun, enjoying my French Sauvignon Blanc. I had longed all winter to just sit in the sun tasting the wonderful complex minerality and visualizing a spring day in France. As Alaska would have it, I awoke to rain, cold temperatures and the drive to have something a bit heartier for my late afternoon lunch.

The ALASKAN who stares down a brown bear while everyone flees
It's winter. There is a brown bear standing in front of me, and someone is whispering into my ear to get the hell out of there. What a crappy way to start work, looking down the snout of an ornery grizzly bear clacking his jaw and looking anxious. All I can think about is how much can an 800-pound bear eat? Probably two of me with a side of the guy who just ran like a banshee. Bastard. I'm not really scared but I can't help thinking I should have just stayed in Juneau. Stuff like this only happens to Alaskans in the minds of people who don't live in Alaska, like people who live in Los Angeles. The very same people I was surrounded by 30 seconds ago, until they all ran away. Now it's just me and my new friend.

At a Cafe
I'm sitting directly behind a young couple. They aren't talking to each other. Just sitting and staring out the window in opposite directions.

Dispensing of the disposable lifestyle
Next time you go to a coffee shop or any eating establishment, look around for towers of paper cups, baskets of disposable cutlery, piles of to-go boxes, and stacks of paper napkins. Neatly arranged and unassuming, every one of these items is destined for a short lifespan of utility and an extended stay at the Juneau landfill.

Sitka Sound: Paris of the Pacific
Sitka's coastal rainforest setting is stunning, its location strategic, and its land so lush it's been fought over for hundreds of years. Fish, berries, herring caviar, deer, bears, sea otter and islands abound, making it a hunter-gatherers paradise.

Pretentious Obliquity

German Potato Salad: A maiden voyage
Last year, for reasons I cannot clearly recall, I agreed to try my hand at making German Potato Salad. Armed with a recipe from a cookbook we have had at our house since I was a little kid, I began in the kitchen with a fair amount of confidence. After all, over the past several years I have grown to like the kitchen more and more, and it's fun to try your hand at something new every now and then.

Proposed land trade could fuel Tongass debate
A land trade proposed by the Alaska Mental Health Trust Authority could ignite another spark in an already heated conversation over timber in the Tongass National Forest.

Social service groups to share space in new nonprofit center
A fledgling nonprofit center has opened near Salmon Creek, with three social service organizations setting up shop and others likely to join.

Thane shooting investigation continues
Juneau police continue to investigate the shooting of a man at Thane Campground Tuesday night.

Photo: Stand up and be counted
Ronald Peterson tries on the Census 2010 hat given away during a 'March to the Mailbox' event at the State OfficeBuilding Thursday as part of a statewide rally to promote filling out and mailing the forms back.

Assessment shows need for nonprofit centers
A July 2008 Demand Assessment by the McDowell group showed the need in Juneau for several nonprofit centers.

Outside editorial: End hate speech in politics
It's been obvious for some time that political discourse in this country has been coarsened by angry voices on the right and left, but recent outbursts of hostility have taken political differences to dangerous levels.

Pro: US officials must force Toyota to do right
WASHINGTON - What did Toyota know and when did it know it? Why didn't it do something about dangerous mechanical failures when everything was at risk? Now their entire fleet of vehicles, their network of dealers and their corporate brand has been damaged. And we are all left wondering, "Why did they drag their feet?"

Con: Toyota's safety, quality record belies current piling on
WASHINGTON - It is possible that new, damning details could come to light about Toyota's response to faulty accelerator claims. But absent new revelations - and if we are to judge based solely on what we know now - Toyota is getting a bum rap.

Whale overwinters in Juneau waters
Juneau waters had a new resident this winter.

USCG offers safety training for Juneau commercial fishermen
JUNEAU - The Alaska Marine Safety Education Association, in cooperation with the U.S. Coast Guard and UAS, will offer a fishing vessel safety and drill conductor course in Juneau beginning April 22, through April 23.

Golden North Salmon Derby looking for program sponsors
JUNEAU - The 64th Annual Golden North Salmon Derby is currently accepting contributions to its scholarship program for this year's derby, happening August 13-15.

80-hour Wilderness First Responder class offered
JUNEAU - Sea Globally is hosting a Wilderness First Responder class April 26 through May 5.

Fundraiser to benefit Taggart's Iditarod quest
KETCHIKAN - There will be a Fundraiser Garage Sale on Saturday, April 24 in the Houghtaling School gym for Angie Taggart's Quest to the Iditarod 2011. Please encourage people to bring nice things for the garage sale. Attendees will be able to take what they want and make a donation for Taggart's Iditarod 2011 quest. Taggart is a teacher from Ketchikan, and she will be taking off this summer to train and prepare for the Iditarod. Donations can be made from any place in the country or world. Donations can be made online at Donations may also be mailed to Angie Taggart, 318 Gold Rd, Ketchikan, AK 99901.

Coast Guard reminds boaters to stay safe on Alaska's waters
ANCHORAGE - As the weather continues to warm and Alaskans once again take to the water, the Coast Guard reminds boaters to stay safe and adequately prepare for the unexpected.

Alaska Community Forest Council Seeks New Members
ANCHORAGE - The Alaska Community Forest Council, a state advisory council, is accepting applications for new members.

Alaska State Parks Citizens Advisory Board Meeting
JUNEAU - The Juneau Area State Parks Citizen's Advisory Board will meet Monday, April 5 ,from 5:30-7 p.m. at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game headquarters.

More than you'll get in a trail guidebook
When it comes to Juneau's backyard, a guidebook will get you into it but it won't get you far.

March harbors nest-builders, harlequins
I tend to get a bit grumpy when winter seems to be over and spring is not quite under way, and this March was no exception.

On the hook
Show us your big fish

Wild shots
Submit your wild shots

Buckwheat Ski Classic 2010 Official Results
March 27, 2010, Mass start at 9:30 a.m. - Log Cabin, B.C.

Southeast king salmon sport fishing regs announced
JUNEAU - The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has announced the 2010 sport fishing bag and possession limits for king salmon in Southeast Alaska and Yakutat, which became effective April 1.

Today, April 2

Hunting permits to be announced April 9
JUNEAU - Drawing results for Tier I and Tier II permits will be released by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game on Friday, April 9.

Foggy Mountain Shop holding photo contest
JUNEAU - The folks at Foggy Mountain Shop in downtown Juneau are looking for submissions for their photo contest.

2010 Southeast chinook salmon quotas announced
JUNEAU - The Alaska Department of Fish and Game announced, under the guidelines of the abundance-based management system of the Pacific Salmon Treaty, the 2010 all-gear Southeast Alaska Chinook salmon harvest quota is 221,800 fish.

Rainforest Yoga hosts guest artists for spring workshop
JUNEAU - Guest teachers Steve Emmerman and Talya Ring, two senior Forrest Yoga Teachers, will be in Juneau to offer a weekend workshop "Nourishing Your Spirit," April 31 through May 2.

Young to co-chair Alaska race
ANCHORAGE - U.S. Rep. Don Young is again co-chairing a racing event next week in his home state of Alaska.

Anchorage drug arrests rise
ANCHORAGE - Drug arrests are up in Anchorage and police say it's because of a greater focus on street-level dealers.

Anchorage police urge trail users to beware
ANCHORAGE - Anchorage police are urging trail users to remain alert, "buddy up" and carry cell phones - and not just because of bears awakening from hibernation.

Senate passes campaign finance bill
JUNEAU - The Senate has passed legislation aimed at tightening Alaska's campaign finance law.

Pets living in filth at site of suspected overdose
ANCHORAGE - Anchorage police say emergency responders discovered a dead puppy and more than two dozen animals living in filth when they arrived at a home where a woman suffered a medical emergency.

Education chief makes new pitch on scholarships
JUNEAU - Lawmakers could pass Gov. Sean Parnell's $400 million merit scholarship plan this year - without all the money. That's the argument being made by state Education Commissioner Larry LeDoux.

Breakthrough Bears
After back-to-back runner-up and three top-three finishes the last three years, the Juneau-Douglas Crimson Bears girls' track and field team is ready to see what the view is like from the top of the 4A mountain.

Falcons ready to hit the track running
With track season starting today in Ketchikan, Thunder Mountain High School will be testing out yet another new sports program for the first time, and the Falcons are ready for the next challenge.

Gagnon gets the whistle
A familiar face will don the whistle and stopwatch this year as the new head coach of the Juneau-Douglas track and field team.

Rhea, teammates honored by Pac-10
WALNUT CREEK, Calif. - Oregon State senior Julie Futch, junior Talisa Rhea and sophomore Kirsten Tilleman were recognized Thursday by the Pacific-10 Conference for their academic excellence.

Shell receives air permits for Chukchi drilling
ANCHORAGE - Shell Oil has crossed another hurdle in its plans to drill three exploratory petroleum wells in the Arctic Ocean.

State quiet on North Pole center's closing
FAIRBANKS - Days after seniors were evicted from a North Pole assisted-living center with no warning, the state remains quiet on its reason for taking the action.

Senate passes oil and gas tax bill
The Alaska Senate passed a bill to remove the link between oil and gas taxes, a measure which once threatened to be a divisive issue but later won overwhelming approval after it was amended.

Anchorage plans to tap landfill methane for power
ANCHORAGE - Anchorage says the methane currently being burned off at the regional landfill could be generating enough electricity to power 2,500 homes.

Arbitrator hears UA union dispute
FAIRBANKS - An arbitrator is expected to rule soon on a dispute between two labor unions attempting to organize University of Alaska workers.

Analysis: Offshore drilling could tap large supplies
NEW YORK - Opening more of America's coastlines to oil and natural gas drilling won't cut energy prices anytime soon. And it won't greatly reduce the U.S. dependence on foreign oil.

Senators propose own head tax bill
Senators are offering an alternative to Gov. Sean Parnell's plan to bring more cruise ship passengers to Alaska.

Photo: Olympic warm-up
Coach Mary Bunten, center, helps her players stretch during their first practice of the season of the Tanana ValleySpecial Olympics basketball team last week in Fairbanks.

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